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Multi Inspection Consultancy

Site Inspection

A objective visual examination request specific to the property you want documented of the present condition during our attendance. This is a customizable approach on reporting so you can specifically gather the information you request of us.

  • Industry Leading Inspections

  • Clearly Summarized

  • Reports delivered with Invoices

  • Technology with a personal touch

  • Each location, space, system, or component is methodically inspected the same way everytime. We overlook nothing

  • Photo-rich reports within 24-48 hours

Pre-Construction Consultation
Multi Inspection Consultancy: Service

Price List

Cost of Multi Inspection Consultancy

$50.00 per hour plus GST and $35.00 Auto charge 

*Surcharge will apply for location outside of the perimeter*

Evening and Weekend Appointments Available

Certified and Insured

Fast Results and Scheduling

Booking/Contact Information required

Name of Party requesting services

Contact Phone number


Address of Location for consideration

*An Inspection Agreement will be required to be signed prior to Inspection Inception*

Multi Inspection Consultancy Include:

Attendance on site by our trained inspectors to gather your requested information on an impartial basis to satisfy your requests. Also done to satisfy share/stakeholders requirements.

Types of Services Offered

  • Peace of Mind

  • Water, Fire, Impact, Wind, Vandalism, Debris Removal and Decontamination

  • Property Condition Inspections

  • Pre Construction Inspection

  • Post Construction Inspection (Confirm repairs were made)

  • Interior

  • Exterior

  • 4 Points

  • Roofing inspection - Wind Mitigation inspections

  • Water/Plumbing Inspections – Flood mitigation inspections

  • Electrical Inspections

  • Insulation Inspections

  • Walls and Ceiling

  • Risk Management

  • Schedules of loss and contents

  • Statements

Roofing Inspection

  • Before a storm, after a storm, in the fall, before buying, before selling (Avoid surprises) Inspections of structure, materials, workmanship, interior, wear/tear deterioration.

  • Lowers insurance rates, insurers may require, valuable information and knowledge for protection against future losses, 

  • Attendant gives suggestions on features to install to increase discounts

What’s included

  • Provide a comprehensive explanation during inspection keeping you informed

  • A physical report including narratives, photos and diagram describing minor maintenance issues and other major problems.

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