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AUT Services

Certified Home Inspection

Professional Home Inspection

A Unique Task brings together all the systems within a residential dwelling and all aspects of their operation subject to the ASHI Standard of Practice. All Customers on site will be made aware of the visual systems accessible with answers to be provided by our inspector. A further physical report with fee will be submitted within 24 hours of attendance. Your inspection will include digital photos, visible defects recorded, descriptive conditions, their implications and any safety concerns visible during attendance at the time of inspection.

WATER-PROTEC Strategizing


Our services are customized to meet the specific needs of each client and location. The dynamic Water-Protec System can be put in place to not only protect you most valuable investments but notify you immediately. We work collaboratively throughout the entire process and guarantee measurable results.

Multi Inspection Consultancy

Site Inspection

A objective visual examination request specific to the property you want documented of the present condition during our attendance. This is a customizable approach on reporting so you can specifically gather the information you request of us.

Maintenance Consultancy

Expert Guidance

Review of property to provide a better understanding of current conditions and identify why regular maintenance can reduce long-term repair costs to maximize your properties value.

Pre-Lease/Rent/Investor Inspections

Conditions and Proof anytime

Why? When you sign very often a damage deposit is required. A through report on what the property conditions where at from the onset of your agreement aides with proving why you are entitled to your full damage deposit back if you feel you have returned the keys in the same condition.

Roof and Property Inspection

A Comprehensive Approach

Our inspection report details the current condition of the exterior/interior and roof covering at the time of attendance with a full description of the risk.

  • Working on behalf of:

  • *Realtors* *Real Estate Agents* *Lenders* *Mortgagees* *Lien Holders* 

  • Types of Property Being inspected:

  • *Property (Homes, Garages, Outbuildings, Cottages, Condo's)* *Apartments*

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