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Why A Smart Water Shut-Off Valve

"Smart Water Shut-Off Valves: Protecting Your Property with Ease"

Imagine a worry-free vacation, where your smart water monitor detects a leak. But even the most advanced monitor can't prevent damage if you're not there. That's where our smart water shut-off valve comes in. It connects to your home's water supply and temporarily shuts off the water at its source. Whether your main shut-off is hard to find or tough to access, this valve ensures peace of mind. You can activate it remotely or pair it with smart water monitors and leak detectors for an even more robust protection system. Installation is typically handled by professionals, and prices vary depending on your choice.

Fulfilling Home Insurance Requirements:

Your insurer promises coverage in exchange for your premium. Often, policies contain unread sections that mention the need for a competent person to check on your home when you're away for an extended period, even if your water is off. The frequency can vary, so it's essential to understand your insurer's requirements. With a Water-Protec system, not only can you meet these requirements, but you'll also benefit from 24/7 property monitoring for water and freezing damages. Compliance with your insurance company's mandates has never been easier, adding a layer of peace of mind.

Combined Freeze Sensors:

Just like leak sensors, freeze sensors are designed to detect conditions that can lead to frozen pipes. They monitor your home's temperature and alert you if it drops below a set threshold, typically around 41°F (5°C). These sensors can sound alarms, call your phone, send alerts via Wi-Fi, or communicate with your smart water shut-off valve.

Water-Protec: Your Water Protection Partner Since 2014

Since 2014, Water-Protec has been dedicated to safeguarding your living environment from water damage, offering the most comprehensive and hassle-free solutions.

Our Commitment to Ecology:

In 2021, we're taking an eco-friendly approach by adding water monitoring to our range of tools and services, helping you consume drinking water responsibly. Our packaging reflects our eco-conscious values – it contains no styrofoam, no plastic, and is made from 100% recycled cardboard. Our sensors and control panels are also crafted from recycled materials.

Proudly Made in Canada!

Choose Water-Protec for smart water protection that's eco-friendly, effective, and proudly Canadian. Protect your property with confidence, and let us add the ultimate peace of mind to your daily life.

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