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Winnipeg, Manitoba


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-Inspection Standards Exceeded
-20 Plus years of Insurance Claims Experience
-22 Years of building construction, property (homes, garages, outbuildings, contents), cottage, cargo, equipment, auto (land vehicle), commercial auto, watercraft (small/large), apartment, commercial property, restaurant and hotel inspection experience.
-22 Years of General Contractor Supervision Experience in construction
-Member of the PPMA (Professional Property Managers Association)
-ICA Training (Inspection Certification Associates)
-Following ASHI - Standard of Practice
-Following Canadian Association of Home& Property Inspectors Standard of Practice
-Following Canadian Association of Home& Property Inspectors Code of Ethics

Mission Statement

-Attendants are retained to inspect, document, report and reply on predetermined systems they have been hired to do so. If further information is gathered or required upon request extended fees may apply.
-As an attendant we have no way of telling how long specifics will last. We will not voice our opinion. A property inspection is not guarantee of future performance. Our attendants are visual, non-invasive examinations.
-We can not tell you everything about the property or systems, the attendant is a generalist with extreme amounts of knowledge and information. Attendants are not experts on every system.
-Attendants are not there to repair the problems they find. Suggestions or referrals may be given upon request.
-Latent defects, hidden non-visual aspects are not the responsibility of the attendant.
-An attendants walk through – typically based on non-invasive visual evaluation – pointing out any existing or potential problems.
-Follow Standards of Practice
-Follow Code of Ethics
-Follow Industry Ethics
-Follow Safety Regulations
-Criminal Background checked and completed
- Don’t Forget: if you use our list to find a contractor, please let them know where you found them so they will take good care of you!

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