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Image by Erik Mclean


  • Working on behalf of:

  • *Realtors* *Real Estate Agents* *Lenders* *Mortgagees* *Lien Holders* 

  • *Portfolio Managers* *Property Management Firms* *Consultants* 

  • Types of Property Being inspected:

  • *Property (Homes, Garages, Outbuildings,)* *Apartments *Residences*  *Farms  *High-rises* *Hotels* *Institutions* *Low-rise* 

  • Service We Offer

  • *Certified Home Inspection* *Roof & Property Inspection* *Investigative Inspection* *Causation Reporting* *Site Review* *Pre/Post Loss Inspection* *Progress Inspection* 

  • *Risk Management* Information Gathering*Pre/Post Lease Inspection*

  • *Inspection and Maintenance Consultancy* *Insured follow up post completion of all projects including a COC and review based request* *Home Warranty assessments & claim analysis* *Efficiency Inspection* *Dispute Resolution* *Quality Control*

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