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F - Series Kit

- F-Series Control Panel

- F-Series Remote

- F-Series Antenna

- F-Series Power Supply

- F-Series Battery Back Up 15v

"Introducing Our Control Panel and Accessories - Total Control at Your Fingertips"

At A Unique Task we offer a complete system that empowers you with control and flexibility. Here's what you get:

  • Control Panel: Your central command hub for viewing and changing system settings. It's more than just a component; it's your gateway to customizing your protection. From adding or removing sensor monitoring to user account control, accessibility options, and networking settings - it's all at your fingertips.

  • Stand Alone F-Series Remote: This remote is your key to open and close the valve from anywhere in your property, even if you don't have immediate access to the Control Panel. It's your direct link to convenience and security.

  • Antenna: A metallic structure designed to capture and transmit radio electromagnetic waves. It's the technology that extends the range of your sensors, ensuring no area goes unprotected.

  • Power Supply: This essential accessory provides power to the Control Panel when plugged into a nearby outlet. It ensures your system is always up and running, keeping you safe and secure.

With A Unique Task,  you're not just getting components - you're getting control, access, and reliability. Experience the difference our system makes in safeguarding your property. Get in touch today to discover the power of total control.

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