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Add Ons

- F-Series Flow Meter 3/4'

- F-Series Battery Back Up 15v

- F-Series Water Detection 3' Cables

- F-Series Repeater RF Signal

- Battery backup provides emergency power in the event of power failure to have the control panel continue to monitor the system. The battery backup provides uninterrupted service.

- Cloud metering system Gateway will get the water consumptions from (Auto Meter Reading Module for single water meter) or AMR (Auto Meter Reading Module for 16 water meters) and send them to the cloud (DAE server) through Ethernet. With PC or cell phone or tablet, the building owners or property managers will therefore be able to get access to real time data as well as the monthly water consumption and billing reports to their tenants. If there is abnormal usage (ex. Broken piping), an alert will be sent to your cell phone automatically. 

- Conductive fluid leak detection sensing cable (SC) reliably detects the presence of water leaks and other conductive fluids. Plugs easily into sensors for added protection in hard to reach locations or requiring additional protection.

- A communications device that amplifies (RF) and regenerates (RF) the data signal in order to extend the transmission distance for wireless sensors to the control panel. Used in larger locations.

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