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Service Contracts Avaliable

Service Contracts

Our service contract ensures that your certified installation remains certified over the years.

Available to individuals and on a building-wide basis for condominium unions and building managers.

The benefits of the service contract are also available to clients who did not take advantage of the certified installation service at the time of their initial purchase. Contact us for more details.

Annual certification

Yearly visit of your home or all of your units to validate the compliance of the installation following the initial installation.

If necessary, replace broken or lost sensors * and reposition moved sensors

Issuance of a new certification report with photos that can be sent to your insurer

Unlimited guarantee

The basic warranty on parts is extended without limit

Service calls requiring technicians are free of charge

Free preventive battery change at the time of annual certification, when required

Water-Protec products aim to prevent water damage through technological innovation. Designed and produced in Canada, Water-Protec offers instant protection. Their smart valves stop water flow in just seconds, avoiding any excessive damage that could have been caused by a leak at any of your properties. The Water-Protec Kit offers instant protection against water damage, the most common insurance claim, thanks to its wireless sensor system and smart valve installed directly at your property’s main water supply. With Water-Protec you will keep your society’s and your tenant’s assets safe.

Proactive protection against water damage

Reduces extensive water damage caused by a leak

Helps to protect properties in case of an emergency/disaster

All main functionalities related to water detection and automated valve shut-off do not require any Wi-Fi connectivity

24/7 Technical support

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