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F-Series Water Detection 3' Cables

F-Series Water Detection 3' Cables

SKU: WS-Cable-3

Conductive fluid leak detection sensing cable (SC) reliably detects the presence of water leaks and other conductive fluids. Plugs easily into sensors for added protection in hard to reach locations or requiring additional protection.

  • SHIPPING INFO (Additional Cost)

    At this time, we are forwarding an invoice for 50% up front once the product comes in we can then schedule your install. Upon completion we will then invoice the remaining 50%. Once paid we will forward your report to you so you can seek your insurance discount from your insurer. Please advise them you have had a monitored electronic valve shut off water prevention device installed, and they may consider reimbursement of the install as well for your mitigation efforts.

    A Unique Task


    While our standard F-Series kit comes complete, subject to your valve selection at an additional cost. You may require more area's to be covered. We can add for an additional cost up to 60 Sensors, a WIFI repeater for larger properties, increased battery back-up, detection cables for hard-to-reach areas, sensor plates for new construction and more!

    Once you have built your kit, we would like to review to make sure all your needs are being met prior to your order.


    Please note that for your order to be placed must include the following:

    -Certified Plumbers installation Costs (Additional Charges)

    -Certified Installation Costs/Set up (Additional Charge) Followed by Certification Report

    -Shop Supplies (Additional Charges)

    -Shipping and Handling (Additional Charges)

    (Once these are added we can review and place your order)

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