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Magnifying Glass

Investigative Inspection

Causation reporting or site investigation

"Unlocking Expert Insights with A Unique Task"

A Unique Task is your trusted partner for expert insights on your property. Our services are designed to provide you with clarity on the current conditions of your property, whether you're looking to determine the cause of a loss or conduct a thorough analysis. We're here to help you make informed decisions.

What Sets Us Apart:

  • Industry Leading Inspections: We're committed to providing you with the very best in property inspections.

  • Transparency in Reporting: Our reports are not just documents; they're clear and concise summaries delivered with your invoices.

  • Personalized Technology: We embrace technology while never losing the personal touch that makes us stand out.

  • Thorough and Consistent: Each location, space, system, or component is methodically inspected the same way every time, leaving no stone unturned.

  • Quick Turnaround: You won't be kept waiting. Our photo-rich reports are typically delivered within 24-72 hours.

Our Specialized Services:

  • Causation Analysis: We're here to determine the cause of loss specific to any area of your property.

  • Roof and Property Condition: Our inspection report details the current condition of the exterior and interior, including the roof covering, providing you with a comprehensive description of potential risks.

  • Limits Justification: We offer expert analysis to justify limits, ensuring you have the protection you need.

  • Site Documentation: We meticulously document your property, providing you with an impartial expert review that advises on what's truly seen.

  • Scope of Damages and Specifications: We're here to evaluate the scope of damages and provide detailed specifications for necessary repairs.

  • Contents Listing and Reporting: We can help you document your property's contents and provide clear, organized reports for your records.

Additional Services:

  • Pre/Post Loss Inspection: We offer detailed inspections to assess property conditions before and after a loss, including sewer back-up assessments.

  • Site Inspections and Documentation: Our site inspections and documentation services provide a comprehensive review of your property.

  • Progressive Repair Site Inspection/Review: We can monitor and review repair progress to ensure quality and efficiency.

  • Dispute Resolution: Our experts can assist in resolving property-related disputes.

  • Quality Control: We're here to ensure the highest quality in property standards.

  • Inspections and Information Gathering: Our services extend to information gathering for your property-related needs.

  • Site Measurements/Transport/Cargo Pre/Post Delivery Inspection: We offer a range of specialized services to meet your unique requirements.

At A Unique Task, we're dedicated to providing you with expert insights and services that go above and beyond. Your property deserves nothing less, and your satisfaction is our priority. Choose us for a level of expertise that sets us apart.

Investigative Inspection: Services

Price List

Cost of Investigative Inspection

-$85.00 hourly plus GST and $35.00 auto charge. $0.61 per KM Outside City Limits

*Surcharge will apply for location outside of the perimeter*


Evening and Weekend Appointments Available

Certified and Insured

Fast Results and Scheduling

Booking/Contact Information required

Name of Party requesting services

Contact Phone number


Address of Location for consideration

*An Inspection Agreement will be required to be signed prior to Inspection Inception*

Investigative Inspection Include

Attendance on site by our trained inspectors to attempt to determine causation so you can make a more informed decision on an impartial basis to satisfy your requests.

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Types of Services Offered

  • Document and attempt to determine the approximate cause of the loss or damages.

What’s included

  • Provide a comprehensive explanation during inspection keeping you informed

  • A physical report including narratives, photos and diagram describing minor maintenance issues and other major problems.

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