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Thermal Inspection

Why Choose A Unique Task for Thermal Inspections:

  • Thermal Expertise: Our skilled team excels in identifying and resolving thermal inefficiencies, ensuring your home remains warm in winter and cool in summer.

  • Cost and Energy Savings: By pinpointing areas of heat loss and suggesting improvements, we help reduce your energy bills and enhance overall efficiency.

  • Eco-Friendly Living: Embrace a sustainable lifestyle with improved energy use, contributing to a healthier environment.

  • Professional Insights: With our comprehensive thermal assessments, you gain a deeper understanding of your home's thermal dynamics.

Our Commitment to You:

  • Detailed Thermal Analysis: We conduct an in-depth inspection using advanced thermal imaging technology to reveal hidden issues like insulation gaps or moisture intrusion.

  • Customized Improvement Strategies: Based on our findings, we provide tailored recommendations to boost your home's thermal efficiency.

  • Guidance and Support: Our team is dedicated to assisting you every step of the way, from initial inspection to implementing energy-saving measures.

Choose A Unique Task, and embark on a path to a more thermally efficient, comfortable, and eco-conscious home. Your journey to a smarter, energy-efficient living starts with us! #thermalinspections #energyefficiency

Efficiency Inspection: Services

Price List

Cost of Thermal Inspection

-$85.00 hourly plus GST and $35.00 auto charge. $0.61 per KM Outside City Limits

*Surcharge will apply for location outside of the perimeter*


Evening and Weekend Appointments Available

Certified and Insured

Fast Results and Scheduling

Booking/Contact Information required

Name of Party requesting services

Contact Phone number


Address of Location for consideration


*An Inspection Agreement will be required to be signed prior to Inspection Inception*

Thermal Inspection Include

Thermal inspections are essential in identifying hidden issues within a property, focusing on energy efficiency and structural integrity. They play a crucial role in uncovering insulation problems, detecting heat loss, and revealing potential moisture or electrical issues, thereby ensuring the safety and comfort of the property while also contributing to its long-term sustainability.

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Thermal Inspections: What's Included?

  • Heat Loss Analysis: Detecting areas where heat is escaping to improve energy efficiency.

  • Insulation Effectiveness: Evaluating the performance of existing insulation in walls, attics, and crawl spaces.

  • Moisture Detection: Identifying hidden moisture or water leaks which can lead to mold and structural damage.

  • Electrical Hotspots: Locating potential electrical issues, like overloaded circuits or faulty wiring.

  • HVAC System Performance: Assessing the efficiency of heating and cooling systems.

  • Window and Door Leakage: Checking for drafts and sealing issues around windows and doors.

  • Roof and Wall Inspection: Identifying thermal inconsistencies that indicate insulation problems or leaks.

  • Building Envelope Integrity: Ensuring the building envelope is effectively retaining heat.

  • Customized Thermal Improvement Plan: Providing recommendations to enhance thermal efficiency and reduce energy costs.

What to Expect in a Thermal Inspection with A Unique Task

  • Comprehensive Thermal Audit: Pinpointing thermal inefficiencies and potential problem areas.

  • Moisture Intrusion Analysis: Using thermal imaging to uncover hidden water issues.

  • Electrical Safety Check: Identifying hotspots indicating electrical hazards.

  • Insulation Assessment: Evaluating the effectiveness of current insulation.

  • Heating and Cooling System Evaluation: Ensuring optimal performance for energy savings.

  • Detailed Imaging Report: Visual documentation of thermal findings.

  • Energy Efficiency Recommendations: Tailored advice for improving thermal efficiency.

  • Long-term Maintenance Strategies: Planning for ongoing thermal integrity and efficiency.

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