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Qixli Alarm Benefits

QIXLIALARM™: A Strategic Addition for Comprehensive Home Safety


The Qixli Alarm is a flood detection system that alerts homeowners to potential sewer backups, aiming to prevent property damage and health risks by providing early warnings through real-time monitoring.

  1. Diversified Home Protection: QIXLIALARM™ expands your service offerings to include innovative sewer backup detection, addressing common household risks and complementing traditional security systems for a well-rounded home safety approach.

  2. Enhanced Customer Assurance: With QIXLIALARM™, provide homeowners peace of mind through advanced warning systems, reducing potential property damage and safeguarding against health risks associated with sewer backups.

  3. Smart Home Integration: QIXLIALARM™ fits seamlessly into the growing smart home ecosystem, offering high-tech solutions that cater to the convenience and modernity that tech-savvy consumers seek.


QixliAlarm offers modern technology mixed with user-friendly features.

🌟 Key Features:

✅ Advanced Motion Detection

✅ Real-time Alerts on Your Phone

✅ Remote Monitoring Anytime, Anywhere

✅ Easy Installation – No Hassles

✅ Integration with Smart Home Systems We put security at your fingertips.

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